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"Singer/songwriters take note, this is what you should be doing and how you should sound."
J-Sin Editor's Pick
"She's got Dar [Williams]'s sardonic sincerity coupled with [Ani] DiFranco's passion, Janis Ian's vocal chops, and the deft guitar hands of Emily Saliers. Her lyrics swell up from the underworld where so many artists venture but few truly understand."
Phil Brucato
NewWitch magazine, Dec '04 - Feb '05, review of Haphazard
Usually I would worry (I took 4 years to put out my first CD because everything had to be radio ready and perfect) when someone said they were LACKING in PRODUCTION, but THIS is LACKING of NOTHING! Her voice, her stories, her incredible guitar playing, and fun just blew me away. I felt like I was in a live concert at Living room or a coffee house.
singer-songwriter Kama Linden
FemMuse.Com, review of Haphazard plus interview
"Tucker has a voice in a million -- powerful, hypnotic, untamed and yet utterly controlled. She sings from the gut, but hers is a trained instrument."
Maria Nutick
Green Man Review, August 15, 2004, review of July 30 concert in Portland OR
"First off, she can honestly sing like Joni Mitchell, no lie. With a swirl of acoustic strumming to back her, Tucker lets her most important instrument shine, that rich, sophisticated soprano voice of hers, one that would have landed such impressive originals as 'Face-down' and 'Heart Beat' on Blue back in 1971."
Bill Ellis
Commercial Appeal, March 6, 2004, review of Haphazard
"I can't say enough good things about the little woman with the big voice. She sings from the heart and to the soul. Her lyrics are powerful, and her music, ethereal. Cultivating a folk sound, S J Tucker is working on a ten song release to come out in March."
Memphis Records
In the Studio, 11/15/03
"S J Tucker is rather potent. Coming across like a fiery hybrid of Kristin Hersh and Fiona Apple and sometimes madly thrashing at her guitar, Tucker delivers a surprisingly energetic set. ...Impressive vocal control, sometimes running up the scale or jumping an octave here and there."
Kevin Renick
Backstage Pass, Playback (St. Louis)
"You've got to love S J Tucker, the songstress who boldly strode onstage and competed against full bands—one woman, one guitar—no fear, no regrets. She has a lot of spunk and a lot to say."
Kelley Bass
"In Tune", Arkansas Times (Little Rock)
"With such a huge, soulful voice, one would be surprised to see that Skinny White Chick is in fact a skinny white chick. As humble and self-effacing as they come, Skinny White Chick laid down [four] hypnotically melodic songs in Studio B for a demo release. Backed by the multi-layered rhythm section of local favorites, Stout, Skinny White Chick offers to us a variety of sonic emotion not often captured on tape."
Memphis Records
In the Studio, 6/4/03
"Memphis' Skinny White Chick sings with the passion of a Diva gone a bit mad. Her songs are hauntingly mesmerizing, yet catchy and memorable. Don't miss out. This Chick will be remembered for a long time."
Bernadette Holzer
"Soule Feste", Wolvenwold News (West Plains)
"S J Tucker has a strong voice and engaging presence. Skinny White Chick can bring something interesting to the local scene and is well worth keeping an eye on."
Chris Herrington
"Moment of Truth", The Memphis Flyer


SJ Tucker

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The Drowning 01:56
Storm 04:29
Carousel 05:51
Goddess 02:43


SJ Tucker-Blessings
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S.J. Tucker has several awesome CD's, but we have listed just a few of our favorites on this page. Below is a list of three of her CD's and includes samples. Click here to go directly to S.J. Tucker's merchandise page to purchase any of her CD's, or click on any one of the images to get there.

SJ Tucker-Mischief

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Were-owl 03:46
Love Lies 01:53
Neptune 06:19
Witchka 04:56