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Sabbat Round

Nirvana of the Sea

It's Beltaine

Pan Dance

Harvest Time

Rebellion in my heart


The Mother Calls by Angie Remedi has always been one of my favorites. The tape was produced in 1985, but can no longer be found for purchase. Information about Angie Remedi or The Mother Calls tape is nearly impossible to find. Having just a copy of my original tape, and being unable to find a replacement, I decided it would be a good idea to transfer the songs so they won't be lost forever and others could hear her music. Some of the song titles are a best guess.

We do not and will not sell copies of this music.

NOTE: You may not be able to play the songs from a portable device. Music is loaded by QuickTime.

The Mother Calls

Instrument of Her Love

Song to Gaia

Come to Me


Nature Awakes

Beautiful Moon

Kwan Yen


I Call You Back to the Mother

Blessings to the Elements

May You Walk in Beauty